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Trip charges or fees, and Collection Charges or fees

Can the landlord or the landlord's agent collect a fee for picking up or collecting the rent from the tenant, in the state of Texas?  If so, what are the limits or restrictions on the amounts and circumstances?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay their rent but unless you have an alternative method that is more convenient for you it is your responsibility to pick it up.
Before anyone can offer suggestions to Adam's question, he must 1st tell us why he wants to charge a tenant a mileage/collection fee.
It is the tenant's responsibility to pay their bills.  They don't make their electric provider come pick up the payment from them, they mail it in.
Hi Adam. It sounds like you may be frustrated from having to pick up the monthly rent payments. Can you come up with an alternative that will work for both you and your tenant?  You could provide self addressed stamped envelopes and have them mail it to you.  I have the majority of my tenants transfer the money from their bank account to mine.   Good luck,  Jonie
i never heard something like like that , at less that everybody is in front of the juzge and u  can prove w evidence that u deserve   that
Now why in the world would you want to charge a tenant a mileage/collection fee?
I have never heard of such a transaction.
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