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WI lease deposit/ breaking of lease

Our Tenant broke the lease and unfortuantely I did not have a special clause in our lease entirtled "non standard rental provision"    1.  Can I still withhold his entire deposit as he left early (we missed out on 1 months rent) 2.  And does your lease automatically pull this "non standard rental provision" for WI?  Thanks

If the provisions of one's lease do not specify anything that the landlord is required to provide, then it is difficult to prove that the landlord has any obligation to the tenant, but it has been done.
You can withhold the security deposit for damages.  If he left early then you would have had to try to rent out the unit.  If you couldn't, then you can withhold the security deposit for that.
My tenant broke their lease in Oct. 2012 leaving 3month before the lease expired how would you cancel the lease on ezlandlord to keep it from renewing?
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