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Maintenance Quality Control

Hi All,  I have been thinking of this for a while and was wondering if anyone out there may have been thinking along the same line as me.  I am considering hiring a maintenance quality control person in house.  Have a very large property that consists of 51 buildings and 405 units on 20 acres.   They would check vacant units to see how long turnover takes, monitor supply request and compare to spending, ensure staff are performing at high performance each day by monitoring whereabouts and number of work orders , etc.   Anyone have a job description or know where I might look for something similar to this?  Thanking you in advance for any consideration you give to my request now or in the near future.  Donna   PS - does not have to fit perfectly, I can always tweak to work for me.

You may want to place an ad in the paper, or online. Also contact some large management firms.They may have some advice.
Another option is to find a few qualified individuals with different specialty and hire them as needed. You should weigh the difference in cost with as needed vs hiring employee(s).  -----Disclaimer: Since I’ve been answering a lot of questions, I thought I would make the following statement. I’m not affiliated with EZlandlord Forms. I’m just here (not sure how long) to help those that have questions. Having 40+ yrs with Rental Property and done well, it’s my way of “Pay it Forward (check out the movie).” However, it is up to you to become familiar with your State/Local laws. I always like to know if the suggestions I offer are helpful. Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks in Advance. BTW...check out the Rental Property Organizer at Free Trial Download with data.
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