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reporting a tenant to credit agency

I have 3 rental of the rental homes in Riverside, CA , has my 1 yr lease tenant of 5 months paying the rent late for 2 months than this month paid late & bounced the do I report this person to the credit reporting agencies?

We had tenant pay their rent knowing full well their check would bounce.  Make a copy of the bounced check and take it to your local Prosecuting Attorney.  It took 5 months but they collected the money and now the tenant has a history on file with the State of Missouri.
You really can't report them until they move out and owe money that exceeds their deposit anyway.
If a tenant bounces a check, you need to do two things -- 1) get the actual payment in cash, cashier's check, or money order. and 2) put in writing that you will not accept any more personal checks.
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