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Dued rent

Can the Landlord take a renter to court for rents due without a lawyer if the rent owe is over $15,000.00 once the person have already moved out? I know there is small claims court for amounts of $5,000.00 or less.  This is in Maryland.

Someone can always represent themselves pro se, unless they are holding the property in an LLC then typically you need an attorney.  But I don't think a landlord would ever let a tenant get $15,000 due on their rents (unless the rents were $15,000 a month).
I know stupid me,   renter was in an accident, lost her job and she authorized her lawyer to pay rents due when settlement was done (this is in writing from the lawyer) settlement done and her lawyer stated her client (renter) changed her mind and stated she would pay me.  Her lawyer also added she can not make her client pay me if she changed her mind.  So here I am.
Oh, whoops.
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