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Sueing tenants and right to enter when they are not home

I brought something like this about 2 weeks ago, but needed more info, So Tenants gave me 30 day notice before the lease is done, but if I try to sue them do  I just put the amount that they owe at that time when I submit the paperwork and what about the rest that they will owe, I don't want to do this twice. the other is entering the property when they are not home, but did give them 24hr notice, for pest control. Thanks for any help

To enter the property whether they are home or not, you must give 24 hour notice. As for the suit it must be a small claims suit and you will want to make sure you have all receipts and proof of any repairs made. The more evidence and proof you have the easier it will be to settle the court case and get paid for monies owed. You could also use the security deposit if needed to help cover costs.
Susan, Thanks for the info, I was just thinking that  if the tenants weren't there they could claim that something was missing/taken if they wanted to start trouble.  They already owe more than the security deposit at this time, and now when I sue I will need the new address of were they are to serve them.
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