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Should I let a tenant add boyfriend to a current lease in CA.

 I have a tenant who is 6 /12 months in to her lease.  She has been responsible and paying the rent on time.  Unfortunately, her boyfriend is unemployed at the moment and was living with his mother.  Should I allow him to be put on the official lease? 

 What if they break up and he cannot pay? She makes good money..

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IMHO - I don't allow any adults to live on the property without being included in the lease.   I run credit and background checks for anyone that wants to live there and they have to sign the lease.   If the current tenant is able to pay the bill, I'll consider it.   I wouldn't be thrilled about it.   In reality it is no different than a man as bread winner and woman as stay at home.   The roles are just reversed.  I'd also call on references. 

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