The Emergency Repairs Addendum makes it easy for Landlords to deal with emergency repairs by providing Tenants with clear guidelines about what constitutes an emergency and what to do when one arises.

Emergency Repairs Addendum

Emergency repairs can be disruptive, stressful, and expensive for Landlords. While some emergency maintenance issues can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance, they can’t all be anticipated or avoided.

The best thing Landlords can do is have a plan in place for dealing with emergency repairs when they arise. This plan should include sharing with Tenants what issues need immediate, after-hours attention and what repairs can wait. The plan also should include specifics about who to call and what to do when emergencies arise.

The Emergency Repairs Addendum can be personalized to include specifics about your property, a list of maintenance issues that are considered emergent, important contact information, and the steps to follow to report a maintenance issue.

This form can be included as part of a Tenant’s Welcome Package or, for Tenants already in place, shared at the start of the winter season. Taking the time to provide Tenants with this information will reduce the number of after-hours calls that Landlords get and will make sure that any emergency calls that Landlords do receive will go as smoothly as possible.