The Required Insurance Coverage Addendum makes it EZ for Landlords to provide Tenants with detailed information about any required insurance coverage as well as what happens if Tenants fail to purchase required coverage.

              Required Insurance Coverage Addendum

Some areas and Landlords have specific requirements for the amount of insurance coverage that a Tenant must purchase. This form can be customized by Landlords to include the specific requirements for each property.

In the event that Tenants don’t comply with the insurance requirement, many Landlords will purchase insurance through their Legal Liability Insurance Policy (LLIP) and seek reimbursement from the Tenant.

This form discusses the Landlord’s right to do this and includes some key details about LLIP coverage that could impact the Tenant.

This form is intended to serve as an Addendum to the Lease Agreement and usually is signed when the Lease is executed.

All aspects of this form can be customized to meet each Landlord’s specific insurance coverage requirements.