The Grilling Addendum makes it EZ for Landlords to provide Tenants with all rules for using a grill on a rental property. It can be customized for each Landlord’s needs and includes key information like the types of grills allowed and safety requirements for grill usage and storage.

Grilling Addendum

Grills are common at rental properties and something that Tenants often expect to have and use. However, grills present unique safety and property-damage risks. As a result, they’re an issue that Landlords should proactively address.

The Grilling Addendum lets Landlords provide Tenants with clear guidance about grills on the rental property, including:

  • Specifics about what types of grills are allowed and what types are not allowed
  • Exactly where grills can be used
  • Specific instructions to ensure that grills are stored, used, and maintained properly
  • An entire section of additional safety precautions for Landlords that allow gas grills

In addition, the Grilling Addendum makes it clear that the Tenant accepts all responsibility for any damage or injury caused as a result of the grill. Finally, the Addendum clarifies that failure to follow all grill requirements constitutes a breach of the Lease Agreement.

Pro Tip: Pro Landlords create a comprehensive Lease Package that addresses all property rules and requirements. This is the best way to protect your rental property and to ensure that Landlords and Tenants are on the same page from day one. Build your state-specific Lease today and add any Addendums you need - for example, a Pet Addendum, Guest Policy, or Smoke-Free Property Addendum.

A good rule to keep in mind: Great Lease Packages lead to Great Landlords!