This Parking Space Lease is for Landlords that have additional parking spaces that can be Leased to Tenants. It’s EZ to customize and provides specifics about parking space rent, usage, and liability.

Parking Space Lease

Landlords that have unassigned or extra parking spaces at their buildings often choose to rent those to Tenants. Whenever this is done, it’s important to provide specifics about the rental agreement including the term, rent amount, and subletting rules.

Additionally, to make sure the property stays in good condition and to avoid unnecessary conflicts, it’s important for Landlords to provide specifics about how the parking space may be used. This includes:

  • Specifying that it can only be used for parking a vehicle - not as storage
  • Requiring Tenants to keep the parked vehicle in good condition
  • Requiring Tenants to ensure that the vehicle parked in the space is current with registration and insurance requirements

Our Parking Space Lease covers all of these terms and is EZ to customize. Any time that you’re leasing a parking space, we recommend that you use this form to make sure that you address all key terms and leave no confusion about roles or responsibilities.

Pro Tip: the more specifics you can provide Tenants about parking and storage the better.

In addition to this Parking Space Lease form, we also offer a Watercraft/Travel Trailer Parking Permission form that should be used if Tenants have a boat, RV, or other travel equipment that they want to park on the property.

And, for Landlords that rent storage space, we offer this Garage/Storage Lease Agreement.