Philadelphia Landlords are required to provide Tenants with this bed bug informational notice. We recommend using this brochure along with the Philadelphia Bed Bug Addendum to document that your Tenant has received a copy of this notice.

Philadelphia Bed Bug Requirements

Philadelphia Landlords are required to disclose any bed bug infestations within the last 120 days or any bed bug remediation in the last 120 days. In addition, they must provide Tenants with this bed bug brochure created by the City of Philadelphia.

The bed bug brochure provides Tenants with important information including:

  • How to recognize bed bugs
  • How to inspect your home for bed bugs
  • How to prevent bed bug infestations
  • What to do if bed bugs are found
  • Landlords’ responsibilities for dealing with bed bugs
  • Tenants’ responsibilities for dealing with bed bugs

It’s a helpful resource that educates both Tenants and Landlords and helps to reduce the risk of bed bug infestations. It’s also a document that all Philadelphia Landlords must give to Tenants.

Download Document

Other Pennsylvania Rental Forms

  • Philadelphia Bed Bug Addendum: This form enables Landlords to make required bed bug disclosures, document receipt of the Philadelphia Bed Bug Brochure, and share important information about both Tenant and Landlord bed bug responsibilities.
  • Pennsylvania Residential Lease Agreement: Our PA Lease Agreement complies with all state Lease laws and is EZ to customize to include any necessary disclosures or addenda. Pro Tip: Our Pennsylvania Lease Agreement is guaranteed to comply with all PA Lease laws.
  • Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Act: This brochure serves as a great resource for both Landlords and Tenants, outlining important state Lease laws.
  • City of Pennsylvania Partners for Good Housing: Philadelphia Landlords must provide new Tenants with a copy of this handbook, which was created by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
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