The Chicago Recycling Ordinance requires landlords to educate all tenants, residents, and occupants of the premises about the landlord’s single stream source-separated recycling program.

The Chicago Recycling Ordinance

The City of Chicago provides bi-weekly recycling collection to single-family homes and buildings with 4 units or less. However, the City does NOT provide recycling services to high-density or multi-dwelling buildings with 5 or more units.

As of January 1, 2017, Landlords of multi-unit or high-density residential buildings are required to:

  1. Contract with a private hauler to provide source-separated, single-stream recycling.
  2. Implement ongoing educational programming for Tenants by posting signage with information about recycling, providing adequate recycling carts, and providing written notices about recycling changes.

Here are a few helpful tips for Landlords working to comply with this ordinance:

  • Educational signage posted in common areas throughout the building should communicate to Tenants what materials can be recycled, how to prepare materials for recycling, and where recycling will be collected.
  • The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation will enforce the ordinance and issue fines for noncompliance.
  • Landlords can call (312)744-2413 for help understanding or implementing the recycling ordinance.

To ensure you and your Tenants understand these requirements, it’s helpful to include the Chicago Recycling Ordinance Guide in your Lease Package.

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