Some states require Landlords to disclose if a Rental Unit is located in a flood plain or an area at risk of flooding. In addition, if a Rental Unit has flooded in the past, most Landlords choose to disclose that to Tenants.

This general Flood Disclosure is easy to customize to meet your Rental Units needs or to comply with your state’s disclosure requirements.

Flood Disclosure 

If you have knowledge that your Rental Unit is in a floodplain or if the Rental Unit has flooded in the past 5 years, it’s a good idea to disclose this to Tenants. Some states require such a disclosure, while others leave it up to the Landlord.

Regardless, it’s a good practice to disclose information, remind Tenants that your insurance does not cover their possessions, and encourage them to get renters insurance and/or flood insurance.

Our General Flood Disclosure is EZ to customize to include relevant information about the flood risk, actual knowledge of flood hazards that the Landlord has, and steps the Tenant should take to mitigate flood risks.

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