When creating a lease, you can add additional documents in step 7. The brackets that say [Auto-Fill:], will use the lease builder to fill in the information. You can leave the brackets as is so the autofill will function properly. 

The brackets that show up as [custom:], will not autofill within the lease builder. These brackets will require you to delete the bracketed information and add the information manually. 

For example, if You are building a lease, you are in step 7 and include the "Instructions for Depositing Rent into Bank Account" document. You will see many custom brackets when you click on EDIT or CUSTOMIZE in step 7 of the lease builder. 

The information in CUSTOM BRACKETS will not autofill in the lease and you will want to delete the brackets and add the information manually. 

Once you have added the information to replace the custom brackets, click on SAVE AND INCLUDE and the customized document will be saved in your lease. EZ AS THAT!