California Notice of Pest Control Treatment

California Landlords are required to give renters notice any time the Landlord uses pesticides to treat a rental unit. Ours is EZ to customize & download.

California Pesticide Laws

California Pest Control Companies are required to provide extensive disclosures any time they treat a property. When Landlords contract with professional pest control companies, Landlords are required to make sure that all Tenants receive these disclosures.

Similarly, if Landlords apply pesticides to a rental unit themselves, this treatment must be disclosed to Tenants in a Notice of Pest Control Treatment. According to California law,

  • A pesticide is any substance that is intended to control, destroy, repel or attract a pest.
  • A pest is any living organism that causes damage, or economic loss, or transmits or produces disease.

Before a Landlord can apply a pesticide to a rental unit, Tenants must be provided with a notice that includes:

  • When the treatment will occur and how frequently the property will be treated.
  • The type of pest or pests the treatment targets.
  • The name and brand of the pesticide being used.
  • Specific language from California about the risks associated with pesticides.

  • Our California Notice of Pest Control Treatment complies with all California requirements and is EZ to customize entirely online. Follow user-friendly prompts to download your customized notice in minutes.

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