California AB 1482 Rent Control & Eviction Exemption Form

California Landlords must provide Tenants with this Notice of Exemption if their property is exempt from the requirements of California AB 1482.

Exemptions from California AB 1482

California AB 1482 provides limits on rent increases and requires a statement of cause in evictions. However, rental units that were built within the last 15 years or single-family homes meeting certain requirements are exempt from AB 1482.

More specifically, single-family homes or condos are exempt from AB 1482 if:

  1. The owner is not a real estate investment trust, a corporation, or a limited liability company in which at least one member is a corporation; AND
  2. The owner provides the Tenant with written notice of the exemption.

If your property falls into this category, you MUST provide Tenants with a Notice of Exemption in order to be exempt from the requirements of AB 1482.

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