California 60-Day Notice to Vacate for Non-Exempt Properties - No-Fault Just Cause Lease Termination

California Landlords can provide Tenants with a 60-day Notice for no-fault just-cause evictions, which must inform Them of their right to relocation assistance.

No-Fault Just Cause Evictions in California

The California 60-Day Notice to Vacate is a letter that CA Landlords use when they are terminating a tenancy after a Tenant has lived in the rental unit for at least one year. This notice is for no fault just cause evictions for rental units subject to the California Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482). Note: There is also a separate Notice for at-fault just cause evictions.

As long as they provide adequate Notice, California Landlords may terminate a tenancy because of just cause when there is no fault or Lease violation by the Tenant. In this situation, just cause includes:

  • Substantial renovations;
  • The owner moving into the rental unit to make it their primary residence; or
  • The owner ending participation in the rental market.

Unless the property is exempt under Cal. Civ. Code § 1946.2, the Landlord must assist the Tenant in relocating by (1) providing a direct payment or (2) waiving the final month’s rent. The amount of relocation assistance or rent waiver shall be equal to one month’s rent.

Note: If the Landlord fails to provide those options for relocation assistance in the Notice to Vacate, the Notice will be deemed void under California law.

If the Tenant fails to vacate after the expiration of the Notice to Vacate, the actual amount of relocation assistance or rent waiver is recoverable as damages in an action to recover possession.

This 60-Day Notice to Vacate complies with all requirements and can be customized in less than 5 minutes.

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