Landlords of manufactured home parks must provide Tenants with the Virginia Statement of Tenant Rights & Responsibilities Under the VA Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act.

Virginia Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act

The Virginia Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act (VMHLRA) applies to manufactured home parks with five or more manufactured homes that are not used for recreational purposes. The VMHLRA covers the relationship between owners of manufactured home parks and their Tenants.

This Act provides specific Lease requirements and regulations for property management, and Landlords should be familiar with this Act before leasing properties in manufactured home parks.

In addition, all prospective Tenants should be provided with a copy of the Virginia Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act.

Note: A form at the end of the Statement acknowledges that the Landlord has provided the Tenant with the current copy of the Statement of Tenant Rights & Responsibilities. Both parties must sign this form when entering into a Lease Agreement.

Virginia Landlords should attach this document as an Addendum to their Virginia Lease Agreement.