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I have a young man who rents my house and his girlfriend wants to move in with him. I have talked with them briefly (only minutes) about her moving in. I told him and his father who is named on the present lease with the young man because he isnt able to afford the house alone (i rented to them as a personal favor to a friend-the father) and his father pays all utilities and half the rent that i would need applications from both the young man and the girlfriend before i could enter into the lease. The girlfriend has already made issue about not enough hot water to take a shower and that she doesnt want me to have a key to the property and her mother doesnt want her to sign a lease just in case she wants to leave at any time.  What could i use as possible rejections for their applications. i just feel that they wont be able to afford the rent and utilities because the father will no longer be on the lease and thatshe is going to be a problem once i let her in.

You have the right to reject the application based on income and credit profiles - Brian is right that you are in the right to tell them that you don't feel comfortable with their income levels. The girlfriends mother also seems to have reservations and maybe a bit of sway on the girlfriend, in my mind that's another red flag. Plus, if the father and son have been decent tenants and the father would move out if the girlfriend moves in - more reason to not rock the boat and keep the son/father combination (plus it sounds like it will be less stressful).

 If the father is moving out anyways, you may need to just deny their application and place the apartment on the market to see what you can get. Doing it sooner is better than doing it later and that will make you and the girlfriends mother happier about not having signed the lease.
Tell them that you don't feel comfortable with their income level (and possibly their credit, if you know it), and that you'll be leasing to a tenant who is more qualified. Make sure you collect a variety of rental applications, and be sure to run background checks on them.
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