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Utilties Included

I placed an add in CA to rent a one bedroom guest house including utilties.  I did not state how many people could occupy the home.  I have people with three to five persons wanting the rent the house.  When I ask them are you aware it is a one bedroom they say sure, but that is fine.  I have some applicants that are single persons wanting to rent the guest house.  My intital intention was to rent to a single person, it being a one bedroom place and all utilties included.  So if I elect to rent to someone other than a single person, can I raise the rent stating it is to cover utitlites?  Also can I place an add stating rent to single person only?  

Gerald, this is a great article regarding advertising your rental.  You also have the right to charge what you want for rent, as it's your property.   If you choose to screen tenants, you can also use this doc when selecting not to rent to certain tenants.
Search.....local/state Occupancy limit. This should help you with the # of people you can rent to.  You can charge whatever rent you want unless you're in a rent control area. I would not break it down as $$$ for rent and $$$ for utilities.
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