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tenant wants his business to be the lessee

what are issues if tenant wants his business to be the Lessee in CA?  Bob

Interesting question. Are you renting a building or home? What type of business is it?
This is an existing home I am trying to rent. The Prospective tenant has a business in New York and is expanding to San Diego. He will be traveling back and forth and wants to rent my house bot for himself and for his 2 female cousins who would be living there full time.  He wants to pay cash (6 months rent in advance), no credit checks, and have the lease in the name of his business, a LLC. My concern is that I have heard it is more difficult to evict a corporation, also I am concerned that I have so little information about this guy and his business--he is of Asian nationality and is difficult to understand.   Such an unusual arrangement that I am just naturally suspicious.
Trust your gut feeling. Lots of cash up front and no credit check, I believe, is a recipe for disaster. Congrates for not falling into the money trap as many people do.
This smells like a trap.  No one pays that much in advance in cash unless they have something to hide.
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