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New Tenant does not have SSN

Tenant has a ITIN number and says can get a credit report in 15 days with ITIN number. They have no social security number. Any suggestions

To my knowledge, an ITIN number is used for federal tax reporting only, so I am unsure how the prospective tenant would obtain a credit report. However, it doesnt mean they wouldn't make a great tenant.
An applicant without propter identification will not make a great tenant. Eventually this applicant, if accepted, will leave damages and lost rent behind with no trail to follow.
Certainly, you should know the previous history of tenant. I never compromised in this matter, I opt property management services from Hunter Rentals & Property Management. They screen the tenant before renting out my apartment.
I have a hard time believing a US citizen does not have a SSN.  The ITIN is an "Individual Taxpayer Identification Number" that is assigned to a business for tax reporting purposes (my husband used to be a self employed contractor, for which he has a ITIN) and I used to certified tax preparer, preparing tax returns for H&R Block as a second job.  A parent must have a SSN for a newborn in order to claim the dependent deduction.  I would be highly suspicious of any applicant that claims to not have a SSN.
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