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Applicants with Criminal Records

I have received applications from people wanting to rent my property as roommates.  I looked up their names with birth dates on the County Website.  One applicant has Public Record of multiple Felonies for DUIs.  The other has many Misdemeanors, one of them was for unlawful sex (not allowed to be alone with a minor).  They sent applications by email, with proof of income and  drivers license.  I sent an email telling them that I have declined their applications.  I did not give a reason.  Do I need to give a reason for declining them, if so any suggestions?  Can I decline based on public record?  

I was not sure what to say on the reason for declining them.  They told me they had bad credit and had a cosigner.  the cosigners documents were to be sent today.  I sent the email to stop the process.  I am planning on sending a letter, I need advise on how to decline them.  Can I say due to Public Record in the County?
I would have declined the prospective tenants as well. I do often give a reason, and include a rental application denial letter to be extra careful. However, if you havent heard back then it's prob no big deal.
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