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Heavy tenant prospect

We have a tenant prospect who is probably about 300lb, strong and respectful. Since we did a lot of upgrades (new floor, doors, bathroom tub, new shower stall and etc., we are concerned that his weight may cause inadvertently excessive wear and tear and may break parts easily.  Our concerns may not be needed as design in these structures should be able to withstand the weight. But we'd like to have a peace of mind since we don't have the experience. What kind of precaution should we take? Thanks.

wow, thats a touchy one and a subject I have not encountered before. hopefully someone else can address this question and help out.
Ying, This should really not be a concern. The only potential damage you might have to be concerned about is a broken toilet seat (which by the way sometimes happens with tenants who aren't 300 lbs).  If you have a concern about tenants damaging the property for any reason, your lease should include a clause emphasizing the tenants responsibility for damage they cause. Most leases already allow for this.
Adding a term can be a good idea. I recently shifted to new apartment in Salado, TX through Kingsbury Homes. My lease agreement states that I will be responsible for the damage held by me.
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