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Applicant offered higher rent

We have a "no pets" policy for our rental house due to past experiences with pet related damage and odors.  An applicant has offered to pay increased rent, and to cooperate with periodic inspections of the property to demonstrate their level of responsibility as pet owning tenants.  Assuming they, and other applicants meet the screening requirements, is it a fair housing violation to accept them if I have not made this option available to the others applicants?  We could use the additional rent income, but don't want to set myself up for legal issues.

You can accept who ever you want, the potent tenants that you turn down do not need to know what the reasons for accepting some other party.  Simply put there were others more qualified.
I am glad you are considering this. As someone with a cat, I have struggled finding places to stay as most people say no pets due to someone else screwing them over. My cat never goes outside, he is bathed regularly, and doe not destroy walls, doors, windows, carpet, ect. Being that they are willing to pay more tells you they value your trust in them and wanting you to do inspections is showing they want you to trust their word. I would accept the offer.
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