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Credit & Background check fees

Hi, is it customary that we charge the potential tenant for the screening cost? if yes, how do we collect the money? before running it? what's the best and reasonable source for it? thanks in advance.

I like your way better, Sandy.
I ask for it upfront with the application or they will not be considered. I do not refund it as I feel it is not my cost to bear, it is the potential renters. Good Luck
May be too late here. You can have them pay you before you run the check. You can also have them pay for the check themselves (if agency accepts tenant payment) and you can leave it at that or refund them the fee. I refund it if it's clear and they sign a lease.
I am wondering if this post got published or not. I haven't got any reply yet! Hope I can get some help, Thanks in advance.
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