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Adding a co applicant

I found out at the end of my tenants lease (about to renew another year) that she has had her *brother* living with her.  I told her that we will need to ADD him to the LEASE. She said she didn't think she needed to because he was a relative. I explained to her no that wasn't the case. She said that he has been living there for a few months-and will be here for a few more months. QUESTION: Do we still need to put him on the lease? And then when he leaves do we have to pay to draw up a new lease without his name on it?

Its up to you. You can amend the lease and add the brother on it.  Then when the renewal is up, remove him from the lease if he is leaving.
It depends. Most renters ask that ALL tenants (adults and children, even pets) are listed on the lease to ensure proper documentation in case something ever were to happen (law wise).
I would have him fill out a rental application on the "brother", and do a credit and background search on him. Get copies of his drivers' license, paycheck stubs, everything that would require on any new tenant. Chances are that he is not "her brother" and he is probably her boyfriend. You as landlord have the right to not renew the lease. Has she been a "super tenant" never causing problems, damages,etc.? She does not legally have the right to decide who can live in your property without your permission.
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