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Obligated to accepted application?

A potential tenant completed the online application/background check.  No concerning issues.  The application was accepted.  A lease has not been produced/signed yet.  A second potential tenant that seems to be more favorable (willing to sign a longer lease) has since come forward.  However, since I ACCEPTED the first application, am I obligated to proceed with that applicant or am I still open to evaluate new applications?  Thanks.

If there is no lease signed then you are not, it does seem like this would be a bad thing, however this is a business and the best business decision is the favorable one. Be sure to not set any verbal agreements to a lease instead say we have narrowed it down between you and one other tenant.
I have determined  the  obligation was in effect when there was an Ernest money deposit from the accepted applicant. So whom ever is the  first to put the down payment among the accepted applicants and at that point the lease can be drawn up.
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