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Many tenants want property at the same time

Hello  I have many tenants wanting to rent my home at the same time. While this is a good thing, how do i fairly and legally decide whom i rent to. I will use my due diligence on credit, income, and criminal investigations along with interviews but must I maintain a first come first serve if i desire a certain tenant more than another? I could almost start a bidding war on rent if I wanted but I have already advertised a price. Apparently the rental market in Tampa this time of the year is on the landlords side.  -William

Wow William:   That is amazing. Yes you will want to be sure to pick fairly. Read your state laws and the fair housing act, so you do not get tangled in nonsense. Good luck and congrats!
Yes conducting a tenant screening can help you make the right decision. Even my agents at Cloud Real Estate helped me in finding suitable tenants for my house.
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