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Question --Credit Report Details vs Score?

I'm looking to rent to a couple and their 5 year old child --  I ran the Credit check and Application through - Saw a possible red flag.......  Credit score is pretty good 795, but a few items jumped out at me.....  -  Looks like they had a 2 year bump in paying there mortgage in part of  2010, 2011, part of 2012 - Additionally, their mortgage the past several years has been lower than what the rent would be for my property -- Concern if this will be a financial burden on them (and perhaps me ultimately if they can't pay).  -  The Credit Report shows a "past due" amount of Tradelines totaling $4,256   -  The Student Loan -- status shows "Unrated or bankruptcy" - closed in 2007?  not sure what that means?  Are these areas I should be concerned about if the credit report score is 795?  Thank you!!!

Because she they have a 5 year old child and the dates given in the question,  it seems like that is when they started getting their act together. Children to me, is like another credit report, shows me they are more reliable because not only do they have to be for themselves but for their child too. I also think you should go with your gut, whenever I don't go with my intuition, things don't turn out right for me. I wish you luck with your decision.
Thank you!  IN looking deeper in the credit report the family actually had a ton of debt and was selling there house which they were upside side in unfortunately -- followed my gut fo9r sure.  Thanks!!!
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