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Additional adult tenants in house

I have a tenant in MD who is qualified an wants to move in with her parents who are in their 50's. She is 100% responsible for the rent but do I require an application and background check for adult co-tenants? I am more interested in the background checks just to make sure there are no issues in the future Is it legal to request background checks for co-tenants? Can I do so on EZLandlord?  Thanks   DK

I see no reason why it wouldn't be legal to do a check on everyone living in the house.   You can do the checks through the tenant screening here on EZlandlord.  And make sure to have all the Adults that are living in the house sign the lease.  You want to have Joint and Several Liability.
Absolutely. We require any new tenant that moves into an existing lease to do the same paperwork and background checks as the existing tenants.
My prospective tenant shows an excellent payment records a good income. But he has an court case because he was driving with an expired drivers license. Is this a reason not to except his application? Also he is not US citizen but he is a legal resident in a process to receive his green card .
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