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Contractor Fraud

I have been a victim of fraud contractor that took My money and didnot perform the work. Is there any place that helps without hiring an attorney that is very costly??

If you Google "Fraud and Scam Attorney" On google with your zip code, it will list some attorneys in your area. You can call them and ask their rates.
You must consult attorney to handle such cases. I had hired the attorney at Seigman, Starritt-Burnett & Sinkfield, PLLC and they helped solve the case of assault for me that too in efficiently.
You can also check with the local law schools as they sometimes offer free legal assistance via the law students.  Depending on the amount owed you may be able to go through small claims court which does not require an attorney.  If it is above the ceiling amount, $5,000 in MD, you have to go through the District Court and will need professional legal assistance. You can also contact the show catch a contractor to see if they would do a show in your area.
I am a contractor in MN. In MN the $350 annual fee to hold your contractors license goes into a contractor fund that pays out to people who were victoms of fraud and contractor negligence. You might want to check with the dept. of Labor and Industry in your state and see if your state also does this. If the fund pays out, they then go after  the contractor for three times the amount that was paid!
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