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Purchased Rental in PA

A residental 4 Bedroom Home was purchased through XYZ Real Estate Company. It was marketed and rented as a 4 bedroom at the going market value. Also, before we purchased the home it had been previously rented as a 4 bedroom. We were just told by the city that this rental home can no longer be considered a 4 bedroom because the 3rd floor which houses two of the bedrooms has too low a celing for the rooms to be considered 'bedrooms'.  Could the city come along now and ask for this correction and is there any recourse? Also, would the assessed value go down and how could it be rented? Do the rules of ceiling height differ from state to state? Thank you, Elizabeth

Appraisers will not give value for what they suspect are unpermitted or illegal rooms. So the value will go down I believe with less bedrooms.
You can always market that none conforming room as a "den" thats what we do here in Colorado when a room can not be called a bedroom due to city code. We call it a Den that sleeps 4 or how many ever the room sleeps.
Was it property built before that code came into effect?  Maybe you could see about getting it "grandfathered"  in.
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