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Owner occupied condo

Bought a owner occupied condo in auction, I am rookie, Trying to find out how can I vacate or ask the owner to move (not sure what to expect). also the condo that I bought seems to have a rental clause that owner has to be occupied for two years before renting, I wasn't aware of this clause and it was not mentioned in the auction, I am not trying to flip I am trying to hold, Will this affect my rights to rents the property. Appreciate your reply.

Let me went to one of those free guru seminars....... Were you given a copy of the CC&Rs before closing to review or a letter for you to sign acknowledging the 2 yr requirement ? ..... Given that there is 2 yr clause, you might have to put the unit up for sale.....  I don't see the BOD giving you a waiver....... Your other option might be removing current renter and not renting unit for 2 yrs. However, the CC&Rs might have a clause stating the unit can't be vacant for a period of time.....Best of luck....keep us posted.
Do you have a lease with the current renters in the home you bought? Read the lease usually there is a amount you can pay them to break the lease and move out.
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