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Bought new property with existing tenant

I bought a property for my mother in law to move into this fall. There is an existing tenant who I will allow to stay until the end of August if they wish to. Should I write a new lease for my tenant? Or can I add my name onto the current lease? It's only for a few months so I don't need to change any terms. Thank you.

I think you should write a new lease for your tenant.
I had a tenant that was determined to hit me financially as hard as he could.. I'm convinced he left the sink running all day and night, kept the temperature womb-like in winter and like a freezer in summer... Worst experience with a tenant ever. We don't know what would be the outcome for the next day. You can legally hire someone to get a lease agreement. It would be so simple. In my case I got in touch with a real estate lawyer who have helped a lot. Leaving the their link here if in case it would be useful for you -
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