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Who pays for an unneccessary service call?

Recently installed a new dishwasher, new garbage disposal and new kitchen faucet.  Tenant continues to report that there is a small leak under the kitchen sink (a few drops).  We returned to the property twice within a weeks time to troubleshoot and recreate the issue.  No issue detected after two attempts at troubleshooting.  Tenant questions our ability as landlords to resolve the problem, suggests that as a resident in his previous home and as a landlord himself,  always calls a handyman and the issue gets resolved.  We contacted a handyman/plumber we have used in the past.  Handyman after troubleshooting finds no issue either.  He can only conclude that when the are washing dishes they are splashing water on the pullout faucet hose and that water residue is traveling down the hose, finding its way back under the kitchen sink in the form of a few drops.  The handyman's service call is $75.00.  Who pays for an unnecessary service call?  We have the standard maintenance clause in the contract.  Is this considered misuse or negligence?  Thank you.

I personally think more in terms of whether it's a fight worth having. If it's a good tenant otherwise, I'd just eat the expense and write it off, but if they're a lousy tenant anyway I'd make them pay it, and if they balk, you can always just take it out of their security deposit. Get something in writing from the plumber though, because you never know when you'll need to defend these decisions in court.
That answer should have been adressed before the service call. Like "OK we can call a handyman, but unless he finds fault in the repair then you have to pay for it." Then the tenant might think twice about questioning your work. If you did a dificient job you should pay, but if you didn't they should pay.   But like I said, that would be a good to do before the call was made.
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