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how much deposit to charge

hi i am a new landlord, in colorado, i agree to allow pets, how much is reasonable for a deposit on a house and for pets.

There is no limit to the security deposit charged to the tenant so long as it is reasonable. Some jurisdictions such as Boulder have different requirements (in Boulder, the landlord must pay the tenant interest on a security deposit). Landlords should check with local housing laws for variables that may differ from state regulations.  You can do first and last months rent, it is really up to you.
We have for a dog it is $250.00 NR For a cat it is $100.00 NR We usually only allow one of each on a property. But decide on each individually. Security Deposits we usually make a little less than rent so they don't think they can use it for last months rent. for rent of 1190 we usually make security deposit (important to word it that), 1000.
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