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LLC as the lessor in the lease

I am a pa landlord and just created an LLC.  I want to sign a new lease with my tenants using the LLC name as the lessor rather than my own name.  Is there anything I need to do or be aware of from a legal standpoint, or is it just as simple as using the LLC name in the lease?

I use my S corp on my leases nothing to it, just need to do everything in the corp's name and have them pay the company.
I also use a LLC and I agree with Curtis, just keep the LLC as the counterparty in the transaction.  If your LLC is a single member LLC and disregarded for tax purposes, there's no requirement to report anything under the LLC name or tax I.D.
Hi, I am considering creating an LLC for handling my rental property. Any advice on the pros/cons of LLCs?
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