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portable above ground pool

Our tenants purchased a non permanent above ground pool. Stupidly we said it would be fine but voiced our concerns.  They have it right against the deck so the kids can run and jump into it. They are willing to sign our waiver of liability but I don't think that will totally protect my family should any injuries result of the pool. They have had other friends and children in the pool and I have since told them no until I research the liabilities further. I'm feeling very uneasy about this. Does anyone have any factual information about this?

I would look up legalities regarding pools for your state. Also, make sure the pool is within a fenced yard, if not I would certainly make it come down, depending on the depth.
I would contact your zoning office and see what the regulations are for above ground pools. I would send your tenant's a letter that not only must they make sure all is done to make sure the pool is installed within zoning regulations BUT I would also INSIST that they provide you with a renters insurance policy including liability for the pool PLUS sign a waiver! LESSON learned - never say yes to quickly to hazards such as pets, pools, trmapolines,
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