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Tenants splitting up and both want the house

Just like the subject says. These kids have been here almost a year. They always pay the rent by the first and they take good care of the house and property. He called me the other night and said they are splitting up.   He wants to keep the house and so does she. They are both on the current lease until the end of October. He makes plenty of money to pay the rent, she makes just enough by my standards to qualify. I'm basically wanting to let him have the house, i'm just not sure how to go about doing it since both parties want the house.  Should I maybe tell them that I am raising the rent come November 1 in hopes that she no longer qualifies or is there a better solution? I'm not really interested in raising the rent due to the economy being bad for everyone.  Any suggestions?  

Tell them that they need to make a decision between them by X date and if they cannot give you a decision, then both of them must leave.
Are they Married? or just co-habitating?  If they are married and the divorce is not finalised that may have an impact on what each can and cannot afford.  Plus, is she thinking he will be the one continuing to pay for it?  get these answers fast before you decide!   I would find out exactly what the situation is (tell them you need to know to make a decision that will have your properties best interest in mind)  Then have EACH of them fill out a new application as singles and go from there.  
They are not married. They've been together 7 or 8 years now.  I have only been able to talk to him but he's contacted me 3 times keeping me semi-informed. He came by and paid rent on the first and I gave him a new application but I've been sick the last week and havent been able to get ahold of her.  I'm feeling better so I plan to make a time and go through the house this week and talk to her and see whats on her mind. Bad thing is she has 3 kids to move also (not his).
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