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Girlfriend moved in ..No income or job?

I have an excellent single father tenant of two years that just moved in his girlfriend. She is not working and no income. We did a new lease adding her and a pet onto the lease effective Jan 1.  I received a call after from the good tenant indicating that he does not want her on the lease.(lovers spat over $$)  They signed the copies, but I have not had the final copy signed by the owner of the property yet so technically the new lease is not finalized.   Evidently, he wants her out and she is indicating that she has a lease and he should get out. (I told him not to leave) Should I redo the lease agreement and put her as an occupant since she has no income, like I did with his minor children?  That way she can not have any stand in regards to a lease?  Or can I request a co-signer for her 50% responsibility of the rent to be included on the lease?  Not sure which is the best way to protect us.   He has always paid the rent and everything is up to date. My fear is that she is trying to free load and knows the eviction process and is looking for a nice free rent situation.    

If the owner has not signed the lease, you may have an "out". You may want to require that she has a co-signer. Occupants are traditionally under 18. You may want to not place her on the lease at all, and let the tenant handle it. Have the "current" tennat sign the lease and not her.
Tim....Have you resolved your problem yet?
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