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work to property for reduction of rent

Tenents agreed to reduced fee for rent in return for work on property.  Tenents wanted to move in before it was ready.  They agreed to do a list of jobs in exchange for rent.  One moved out and told me after the fact that she did her share the other tenent had to pay the rest.  Neither completed the list - they got a reduction of $900 moved out early only completed a few of the list of things to do.  The contract was agreed upon by text and a final copy was emailed to both of the tenents they agreed to the terms, but did not return the signed contract.    Am I out of luck or am I entitled to the damage the cost of the un done tasks.  

Becky, take it  as a lesson. You GOT to cover you back and have EVERYTHING in written and SIGNED. Caps is just to emphazize the importance on this matter
Hmm you may be out of luck if nothing was signed. It would be your word against theirs. The only true way to even possibly get your money back would be court... so you have to access the fees with the gain.
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