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Tenant signed lease vs lease agreement

I have a tenant who I mailed a lease renewal to.  He signed the lease and said that he mailed it to me.  I did not recieve it, so I issued another lease for his signiature.  He signed it and stated that he left it for me to pick up.  I do not have a signed lease from him at this point, and he is claiming that since I cannot produce a signed lease he is under no obligation to honor the lease agreeement. Where do I stand?

Stuart, check your old lease to see what it says- whatever it says about this issue is what applies. If the lease does not address this issue- your tenant is currently on a month-to-month but is still obligated by all of the original lease terms. The only difference is now either of you can terminate with a 30-day notice. So, he is dead wrong. He is under every obligation to honor all terms of the original lease agreement.
If I have a 30 day lease ..When Can I raise the rent? I'm  in state of maryland
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