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Change of management/tenant issues

Hello.  I just want to know if there would be any legal issues involved if a letter about change of management was sent to our tenant.  But they now want to contact a lawyer since they believe that we can not do this without proof of ownership.  But, it is just a change in management, not ownership.  Would i have to get the letter notarized?

To be on the safer side just get it notarized; why take chances. When I had bought my home with Kingsbury Homes, all the documents were notarized by the agent himself.
Guess I don't understand this issue.  It's my house and I hired the property management company to manage it for me.  If I choose to go to another property company, that's my perogative.  All I have to do is notify the tenants 30 days in advance where to send their check.   Why would they care?  It's none of their business who owns the property if I have a management company handling my affairs.  If they want to know who owns the property they can look up the deed at the county recorder's office.  But they can't make any demands of me regarding ownership of my property.
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