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Florida Tenant did not want to move in and wants his money back

Tenant has filled the Lease and screening and check up was made.  He gave me 2 months rent + security deposit (as he did not have a stable job I have asked him more).  He came down and he is telling me he did not like the neighbourg's look.  Nothing has to do with the condo itself.  Should I reimburse totally and loose rents or because we have a lease, he should respect the lease and sublet it or what? I do not know what to do. It has never happened before.  This is Florida state.  Thanks! Chantal

Yes the lease started Dec. 1 and he arrived Dec. 3.  thanks for your answer!
You are right, Paul, thanks for your good advice.  Sometimes I just forget that I am a Landlord to make money LOL, it sometimes seem that it is a bad investment on short term! But your message helped me a lot. TY and TY to Irene as well! Have a good renting year as well!
Did the lease start  yet? If it already started he will have to give notice, or break the lease and ot get his security deposit back.
As usual with this type of question, you would be well advised to consult a lawyer familiar with the specifics of Florida Landlord-Tenant law, but in general... Once the lease begins, both parties are more or less held to it, the landlord typically more than the tenant here in the good old socialist republic of America.   I NEVER permit sublets. If it were I in this circumstance, I would pick up the phone and try to determine what is really going on, and what the tenant really wants to achieve, and try to work with them in an ethical way if possible.  I might offer the tenant the option to vacate his lease in exchange for, say, 2 months rent penalty to compensate me for the expense and inconvenience of finding a new tenant, conditional upon an immediate inspection AND an inspection of the property after tenant has moved out, and I would make clear to the tenant that any and all damages would come out of the security deposit, over and above the 2 month's rent fee to break the lease.  Here is the reasoning: I don't want a tenant who doesn't want to be there. They tend not to take good care of my property, and may create disturbances to "break" their lease, disturbing others. I want tenants who love being my tenants, take good care of my property, and pay their bills on time. I also understand that stuff happens, and I try to work with my tenants when it does, for a very simple reason: It is EASIER and more PROFITABLE for me to do so. I'm not saying to let folks take advantage of you; they will if you let them. I'm saying that I am a landlord to make money, not out of the goodness of my soul. It is in MY best interest to try to work things out so everyone can come out ahead.
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