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Tenants Boyfriend has moved in; not on lease

What are the implications of my tenants boyfriend moving into my rental home? He isn't on the lease . Does this warrant an increase in rent?

If you are considering letting him stay, ask him to fill out an application form so you can do a credit/evictions/background check.  What does your rental agreement/lease say about moving in additional occupants?  Extra occupant means additional wear and tear and if you are paying any of the utilities it means additional utility use/cost.  The tenant can't change the terms of the lease without your agreement and you can't change without their agreement in the middle of the term so if the tenant wants to move in an additional occupant it is a good time to negotiate additional payment if the new applicant passes your usual tenant screening. Be sure the current occupant knows that you will have to evict everyone if problems start.
Hey Kathy, You are right.
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