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Renatl Issues...lower rent

My tenant signed a 2 year lease, wanted to move out before the end of the first year, her husband left her with 2 children , she is 28 y/o and said she could not afford the rent.  The rent is already lower then most properties in the area, that is neither here nor there.  We discussed the issue and came to a verbal agreement she would give up her original security deposit and her rent would be lowered by $40.00 per month, the original lease will remain as is. I sent her the addendum with the agreement stating the lower rent as well as forfeit of her security and she refused to sign it , I told her we had an agreement and she said since I do not have it in writing I had no reason for action, she marked off the forfeit part and signed and returned the lease. Now what should I do, request she move out?  Give her 30 days?  Or just let it go. I have had issues with this women and have tried everything which I can do in-order to help her as well as help myself by having the house occupied but, how far can one go ? She also complained I changed the verbiage of business days to calender days for her rent to be paid.  The lease states rent is due on or before the 1st of the month, 3 day grace before a $30.00 late fee is added.  She also does not like the fact that I added business hours--sometimes she comes over here at 10-11pm to pay the rent, I had to do something so I put in business hours and she does not like this. This is for Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga County Any thoughts or advice

This sounds like a tenant I would just evict, simply do it on the fact of not paying rent and unable to. You need to get a tenant in there who can pay the full amount.  Trouble maker tenants need to be replaced.
If she couldn't afford her rent, lowering it by $40 probably isn't going to help her that much. Although, it was a noble thing to do to help her out.  Plus, trying to keep a renter, (that can pay) is better than replacing one. We lowered the rent by $200 for a couple, we said we would do it for 3 months, to help them get on track. I figured losing $600 was better than 2 full months rent that we usually lose when we replace a renter.  After those 3 months, they stopped paying, and had to move out.  Oh well, we tried, I felt we did the right thing for them, but, it wasn't enough.  She sounds like stinker, the sooner you are able to replace her the better.
My tenant had not signed and returned the addendum on/before July 1st., however a check in the lower amount which we agreed upon was left, I did not take this check for the addendum was not attached, this new rental agreement is null & void, yet she feels it still is and since I did not accept the check she does not have to pay me the original rent plus late fees. She has also informed me that she came onto this website and found multiple discussions that I posted, that while they do not specify her name, she can prove I am referring to her.  I hope she made sure to make copies, especially the one about her growing pot on my property !  She has stated to me"after researching this, this is proof of slander, harassment and an invasion of her privacy".  She said it is me who has violated the lease, has accused me of many things which I have not done and will be leaving the property at the end of the month. I would just like her to pay the rent/late fees at this point in time.  Any suggestions?
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