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Tenant on joint contract with two other tenants wants to move out early

Hi there I'm in WA state and just started renting my property in Feb. I rented to three girls on a joint contract. One of them now wants to move out early and they two other girls in the house want to replace her. They all signed a one year lease, so I'm not happy about this, but the best thing to do seems to be to allow it. However, how to I update the lease to reflect this? Do I add a new tenant addendum or write an addendum myself that releases the original tenant from the lease and replaces her with the new one and get all four of them to sign it?  Please help, this is my first time as a landlord and I don't know how to handle this.  Thanks!

First you definitely want to screen any new tenant that would be added to the lease and you would want to have the leaving tenant sign a Remove Tenant Amendment which all tenants can sign to agree.  Then you can use a Amendment to Add tenant that all parties can agree to.
Thanks, Derrick! That sounds much simpler than I thought. Appreciate the help! And I will hope that this isn't the beginning of musical tenants. ;)
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