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Message: hello, I just have a couple questions. I have a tenet with no lease agreement that we let live with us to help her out it wasn't working out so I gave her a 30 day notice to vacate, her 30 days is up on the 13th but now she is threatening me and I don't feel safe in my home the police are on there way to make a report. Does this change anything when if comes to her moving out now?

If there are threats that are potentially dangerous to your well being call 911 immediately the more reports you have the better your case in eviction. Even though there is not a written lease since there is some kind of verbal agreement you must go through the full eviction process.
You have nothing to worry about. It is the tenant who needs to worry. There are lawyers like who take pro bono cases. They have their way to do things. He will be out soon. Don't worry.
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